I have been intimately exploring this painting series for the past few years.


I find beauty in the invasive.
Phragmites, the common reed,
is a tall perennial grass found in brackish tidal wetlands.
My studio faces a large mass of them encroaching on Scorton Creek,
I live with them, and they influence my latest work.
I am drawn to the pattern, complexity
and elastic structure of the plant.
At times they move in great unison,
bringing to mind a murmuration of birds,
yet quickly dance
in erratic whirls of dervish with a gust of wind.
Late day light exposes their massive sacred colonies
that glow with a spiritual presence,
and turn into spikes of fire at sunset.
They enclose and comfort me, whispering their secrets.

Ed Chesnovitch

PHRAGMITES exhibit at Left Bank Gallery.
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